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Thai people


Thailand has always been a noncomformistic country. I mean, I for example, when I say Thailand I think about lots of brothels. Like a street full of brothels, I don't know. The industry of porn is very developed there. They invented the Thai massage which is basically a massage with a happy ending. It ends with sex.

Our parents always said that the education process is pretty important. They pushed us to study hard in order to get ourselves to a better school. They said that achieving that piece of paper is a thing that you really needed to do. Today we start seeing that having a degree doesn`t automatically mean that you will have access to...

It is a question asked by many young people, boredom is actually a state of slackness that spoils the mood of any, the state of boredom is actually a waste of time, we can't focus on a thing and simply sit and hang out, time passing by without doing anything.

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