Thai people


Thailand has always been a noncomformistic country. I mean, I for example, when I say Thailand I think about lots of brothels. Like a street full of brothels, I don't know. The industry of porn is very developed there. They invented the Thai massage which is basically a massage with a happy ending. It ends with sex.

Of course, the development of the porn industry would not have been possible if there weren't for all those people who constantly watch porn. I mean, adult movies are something on a regular basis. If you are Thai and you do not watch porn, well then you have a problem. You are an anormality.

They are such nonconformists, they don't care what other people say. They feel good in their skin. They do as they want and do not care for the mean words. The are proud with their culture. They, in one way or another, secured jobs for a lot of women actually. Thai massage isn't a thing only Thai people do. They created a whole new industry which drives from porn industry and in this way created a lot of legal or less legal work places.

I believe they are a beautiful culture which knows how to live life to its fullest. As I said, they are free to watch, make, try porn. They are very lucky if you ask me. To be able to admit you do this,because for some people it's embarrassing, without being judge? Who doesn't want that ?

A lot of people have to hide who they are from the fear of being judged. But there? You can exchange impressions with other people on whether that film was good or not, what part was your favourite, which kind of films you prefer.

We need the Thai mentality to spread, in my point of view. We need to stop be so judgemental. If you don't like something, don't do it. Just don't judge me for liking it.

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