You need to learn more than your academic education


Our parents always said that the education process is pretty important. They pushed us to study hard in order to get ourselves to a better school. They said that achieving that piece of paper is a thing that you really needed to do. Today we start seeing that having a degree doesn`t automatically mean that you will have access to the job of your dreams. We tend to believe that al lot the hard work we put towards building ourselves a career will pay one day. A lot of employees nowadays don`t really care at what university you have studied. They focus more on your portfolio, experience and connection.

A lot of people try to apply to different jobs but it seems that it gets harder to get the job of your dreams. This is similar with dating. You don`t learn how to date in school. You develop these skills by your own. Education is one of the most important things that sustains our evolution. There is now a population that focuses on academics and doesn`t actually know how to attract the right persons in their lives. You should know that this isn`t the industrial age any more, it is the information age.

The ability to make connections is really important nowadays. This ability isn`t thought in school. A lot of job hires are done through referrals. You will need to make real friendships everywhere and anywhere. If you possess this skill, it will be easier to get further in life. Sending your resumes everywhere isn`t the smartest decision you can take. Building romantic connections will help you getting a better partner. These connection will let you see what you want and what you don`t want from life. Having more connections will broaden your mind. Travelling should be a huge part of your life because you will be able to learn more while doing it.

Experiences are also big in your life. Putting yourself into new situations will make you understand what you like and what you don`t like regarding life. You can do different things nowadays in order to discover your hobbies and hidden talents. You can work full time and at the same time, you can build yourself apps or write books. You can also offer services to other people. Experimentation is another thing that you should do. You should experiment al lot the things that life offers.

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